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At COCOCO Home, our team has the expertise to make furniture that lasts for a lifetime. We love to experiment with design and materials. Most of all, the artistry of just making hand-made, heirloom-quality furniture, makes us tick. We take pride in what we do, from selecting a leather or fabric, cutting the material, sewing upholstery, or taking an order to ship. We strive to ensure satisfaction and excellence with every piece of furniture that goes out of our doors.


  • Bumper Sectionals

    Bumper Sectionals (3)

  • Chaise Sectionals

    Chaise Sectionals (63)

  • Corner Sectionals

    Corner Sectionals (64)

  • L – Sectionals

    L – Sectionals (70)

  • Modular Sectionals

    Modular Sectionals (9)

  • U – Sectionals

    U – Sectionals (1)

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