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Designing the perfect chair, loveseat, sofa or sectional begins with defining the function first. Whether you are shopping for a cozy sectional for movie nights or a truly unique upholstered chair that makes a room, having a clear purpose for your custom furniture will ensure you not only love the look of your new furniture but also love to live in and on your COCOCO Home piece.


Grab a tape measure!
L x W X H x D

The beauty of custom furniture is the ability to fit your space just right. Taking the time to measure your room will ensure your new heirloom furniture will fit like a glove.

You’ll need to measure in all four dimensions and consider the architecture of the room. Take note of the max dimensions your new furniture could be, keeping in mind the walking paths and how the space is navigated into and through. Interior designers recommend a walking path of 36″ wide. A frequent comment we hear from customers is that they wish they maximized the seating length for the space so don’t be afraid to fill the room – just make sure there is enough clearance to get there!

Selecting the right depth is a personal presence. A great way to find your sweet spot  is to measure your current furniture. Want to sit up more or have better support for your lower back? A 20″-22″ depth may the perfect fit. Or you may want to curl up with a blanket or snuggle with your fur-babies, our mid-range depths of 23″-25″ allows most to sit slightly reclined with their feet touching the ground or curled up on the seat. Our super-deep seat depths, 27″-29″,  had enough room for two lay side by side.


pick a style

We have a style to fit every interior. If we had to pick a favorite it would be our Classic Chesterfield. We gave this timeless design the prefect pitch, updating a vintage design to modern everyday use.

Each style is unique so take note of arm widths, back heights, and depth options. All of our styles have the ergonomically ideal seat height of  18″-19″. No matter which style you choose, know that your COCOCO Home furniture will not just be the most beautiful piece in the room but it will also be the most comfortable furniture you have ever owned.



choose your details

We are dedicated to making your furniture all about you, with many options to choose from. We offer a variety of legs, nail patterns, and cushion configurations in addition to our variety of upholstery and sizes. Sometimes it’s the details that really bring the room together.

We know that sometimes special spaces require special attention. That’s why we offer a few convenience related options like tie downs for cushions and a ‘Brooklyn Profile’ for some of our fuller silhouettes.

standard profile

brooklyn profile


call or email us

You’ve picked out your perfect piece, chosen the upholstery and all the little details, now it’s time to submit your order, either online or by phone. If you have any questions we’re always happy to assist in the ordering process. Once you’ve completed your order we’ll take a deposit of 50% to begin ordering your materials and handcrafting your design. Give us a call to provide secure payment. Once that’s complete we’ll email you a work order. All your choices will be provided, giving you the peace of mind that everything is exactly what you want.

If you feel your delivery may require special attention, due to access or otherwise, let us know so we can put together a plan that ensures your furniture arrives safely.

Our Places

If you live in, or have the opportunity to visit the Charlotte, Nashville, or NYC areas, please visit one of our showrooms
to test drive our furniture for yourself. One of our helpful staff can give you that special in-person attention you may need.



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