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Fabric offerings

JB Martin Velvets

The Ultimate Performance Fabrics

Since 1832, JB Martin has supplied  a majority of the velvets that one will find in the world’s best retailers, hotels and public spaces.  Whether Cotton, Draylon, Polyester, Mohair or Solution Dyed Acrylics, JB Martin velvets define “Performance” fabrics, combining extraordinary durability with stain-resistance and cleanability.  All of the JB Martin velvets we offer are woven in their Sough Carolina plant.    Note:  Our velvet offerings come in an extraordinary selection of colors even  beyond what we are able to show online so please ask if you are looking for a specific color.  All of the JB Martin Velvets we offer are woven in South Carolina.

Velvet is a soft pile fabric that has been manufactured for almost 4,000 years in one form or another. Velvet has long been considered a luxury fabric because it requires more yarn to manufacture than other fabrics, as well as multiple steps.

Velvet can be made from any type of yarn, although traditionally, velvet was made with silk yarn, making it even more costly. In the modern era, cotton and synthetics have been used in the manufacture of velvet.

Velvet is a woven fabric, its pile is formed from warp (lengthwise) yarns woven into the backing. It is woven on a double piece loom which creates two fabrics simultaneously. Velvet pile is sandwiched in-between the layers. As the cloth comes off the loom, the pile ‘sandwich’ is spilt to create two pieces of velvet – each with an erect pile.

After cutting, velvet is often sheared to ensure it is all even, and then dyed. Velvet takes dye extremely well. Velvet is usually brushed while moist so that the fabric sets with a grain, producing the characteristic feel that consumers prize.

Velvet Furniture is beautiful, luxurious and long lasting. In order to get the most from your velvet furniture investment one must provide some attention to the care and maintenance of the velvet. Velvet, by virtue of being a three dimensional fabric, has inherent properties that make it durable yet soft and comfortable. Velvet, like a fine carpet can be cared for by occasional vacuuming which will insure that dirt does not stay in the fibers.

Marking or bruising of the pile after sitting is normal. Almost all marks will recover by themselves with time and natural humidity. Bruising that does not recover, although infrequent, can be restored by minimal steaming. Gentle brushing, in the direction of the pile will also help align the pile to regain its original state.

Some slight bruises or marks may never fully disappear. This should be considered an enhancement to your furniture. The natural antiquing of the velvet is in fact desirable. Like fine leather upholstery, velvet too, looks better with age.

Most stains can be blotted or wiped away with a damp cloth or paper towel. Dried stains can be removed with spot cleaning. Always test in an inconspicuous area first. Using soap and water or a commercial dry cleaning product, start from the outside of the stain, while working your way from the outside into the middle of the stain. Once dry, brush in the direction of the pile with a toothbrush, nailbrush or similar soft dry brush to restore the loft and direction of the pile. Repeat the process if necessary


Hello Performance, Meet Beauty

More than just an alternative to leather furniture or fabric furniture, an Ultrasuede®  sofa elevates your room. Nothing gives shape to great design like Ultrasuede®.  upholstery.  A Classic Chesterfield Sofa in Ultrasuede®  or a sleek mid-century sectional in Ultrasuede® is made with the best ultra-microfiber available in the world, meets the most demanding contract and commercial specifications satisfying designers’ concepts from the classic to the most innovative and cutting-edge.

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