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Getting Started


Our furniture is bench made just for you in our own production facility in Claremont, NC. Unlike high volume catalogue retailers, we have no incentive to cut corners in materials or construction. We use top quality materials produced in a sustainable fashion or having low emission qualities and adhere to high standards of quality and workmanship


We do not use any flame retardant chemicals in making the furniture.


We use only kiln dried hardwoods, certified to be grown in a sustainable manner in our frames. Each frame is designed by a qualified engineer who uses state of the art software to determine the appropriate materials and design elements to create a frame that will last a lifetime. The components are then precision cut on computer driven routers and assembled by experienced craftsmen using blocks in all corners, double doweled or mortise and tenoned joinery, metal fasteners and glue where needed.


When we started making our furniture, since we were starting from scratch, we had a chance to choose from all of the available spring options. We chose a very high end system from Leggett & Platt’s “Elite” series. “Soft Luxe” is a pocketed coil system featuring Ultra high coil density (300 per standard sofa) which means more working surface wire per seat allowing greater conformity to body contours. The uniquely engineered inter-linked coil architecture provides uniform comfort and consistent support over the entire seating area. The floating, noiseless, 4” or 6” barrel shaped encased coil provides a feeling of “weightless” suspension – a perfect harmonic balance without adding stress to the seat frame.


Our cushions begin with premium Ultracel High Resiliency foam in the core, with an extra layer of super-soft luxe foam on both sides of the cushion. This extra layer is where the magic is. We dare you not to say “ahhh” as you sit down! We then add a trillium crown on both sides. You can lengthen the life of our cushions by unzipping the cushion cover and flipping the core itself.

Looking for better lumbar support? Our back pillows have a horizontal quilted construction with more fill on the bottom. Our cushion and pillow construction are the best we have seen on the market. We fill our back pillows with Trillium, which is a wispy microfiber that feel like down, but is much more resilient and long lasting.


Our Company was originally names “The Comfortable Couch Company”. That was a lot to say, so we shortened it to COCOCO.


We accept orders in person, at any of our showrooms, over the phone and through our website. We prefer to speak with our customers about their order because we do offer a great many options and we want to make sure that the furniture we make for them will be everything they want it to be.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards as well as cash or personal checks. We typically bill half of the purchase price when you place the order and the balance, plus shipping when the order is complete and ready to ship out of our production facility. You will be offered the opportunity to finance the purchase through our finance partners.


We are proud to offer a 10% discount to Active Duty Military, First Responders, Nurses, as well as public school teachers (pre-k through grade 12). Please give us a call at 704-892-6680 to have your discount applied.


We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest furniture manufacturers in the business. However, COVID-19 has had a far-reaching economic effect, including in the manufacturing world, as many industries experience material shortages and longer shipping times than prior to 2020. Some materials used in furniture have been re-allocated to produce PPE. As a result, at times we may experience delays on certain materials, which may affect the production estimate you were given at the time of order.

Once your order is placed, we order the materials such as leather or fabric necessary to complete your order and start production as soon as they arrive at our plant. During this time we will not contact you to update your order and will call you once it is ready to ship.

If there is a delay in the fabric or leather we will contact you to let you know, and in some cases offer you the opportunity to change your selections to try to stay as close as possible to the production estimate you were given.

Current AVERAGE Production Lead Time: 24 weeks. Shipping is in addition to that timeframe.
This is a statistical average, so there will be orders completed quicker than 24 weeks and orders that will take longer than 24 weeks. Estimates are based on current information at the time of order and are subject to change based on material timelines after orders are placed. Custom frames add to this timeline.

Once the order ships, the timeline is out of our hands, and inquiries should be directed toward the delivery company noted on your balance email. We are on your side and will, of course, help in any way possible.


Every style we offer started with a question from a customer: “Can you make this?”. That customer driven process has been in our DNA since we started The Comfortable Couch Company. To be sure, we do not always say yes, but if the style is a comfortable, approachable, one that fits within our design and manufacturing strengths, we will consider it. Ultimately, the final decision comes down to whether we think there is a broad enough market for the style to warrant the costs, in time and money, associated with developing a new style.


Seriously. Our company owed a lot of its early success to customers who wanted us to make them a couch similar to one the saw at Restoration Hardware but did not want to buy for the usual reasons; they wanted a couch made in America; they wanted more choices on size or upholstery, they were concerned about RH’s customer service. But over the past few years, the tide has turned. We came out with a Chesterfield Sectional and six months later so did RH. We started offering a tufted seat on our Chesterfield and so then, six months later, did they. Likewise to our tight backed version of our English Arm, and so on.

We think the answer to the question is that they copy us because we are in a daily conversation with real people about their furniture. We don’t rely on remote designers and “tastemakers”. Our customers are our tastemakers.


Most of our leather offerings are top quality Full Grain or true Top Grain hides from Moore & Giles. The leather is a truly unique upholstery material and we devote many hours to hand selecting the finest leathers being produced today. Our aniline or semi-aniline leathers are selected for a natural appearance, with distinctive markings that impart unique character. The natural surface of the leather is like a landscape, with varying textures and shadowy furrows. These distinctive features are unique to genuine leather, a product which has been raised rather than engineered. As with all things in nature, no two hides will be exactly alike.
Learn more about our Leather Options:


We are generally able to send out cuttings of our leathers. If you would like to see swatches we ask that you call us and speak with one of our consultants so that we may help you select from our leather offerings that will suit your taste and lifestyle.

Each of our leathers is available in a range of colors, however, we are not able to show all possibilities on our site at any given time. If there is a particular color or style of leather you are looking for, please give us a call and we will see if we can help you select a leather that is perfect for your project. Our showrooms will always offer a chance to see a much broader selection of leathers and colors than we are able to show on-line.


All our leathers are high-quality hides suitable for our furniture, but all leathers are not created the same. The price of leather reflects both the nature of the hide, or “crust,” used by the tannery, as well as the materials, techniques, and time used in creating the effects desired. The more work required to make the leather, the higher the cost of the end result.

Most misinformation regarding leather revolves around the grading of leather. Much of this is simply nonsense designed to justify higher prices. There is no industry standard for grading leather. Our prices do change depending on the leather you select, but only to the extent that selection changes the cost to make your furniture.


Aniline: The process of coloring leather throughout with non-toxic aniline dyes. The leather is soaked in the transparent dye, which allows all of the nature’s signatures to remain visible.
Antiqued: Common descriptive terms for leather that shows signs of natural aging and wear that have been artificially created.
Buffed: Leather has had the surface slightly abraded. This may be done to minimize surface blemishes, even more to smooth out the grain, or to make a soft-touch napped finish.
Corrected Grain: Leather which has had the grain layer partially removed by buffing. Often a new faux grain pattern has been created by embossing.
Distressed: Process used to create an effect resembling a worn look or an aged appearance.
Embossed: Process of stamping a pattern onto leather. Leather may be embossed with a faux grain design, made to imitate other looks such as crocodile or ostrich, or almost any unique pattern.
Full Aniline: Aniline dyed leather with no additional coloring on the surface. A clear topcoat may be applied to help protect the aniline leather.
Full Grain: Any leather from which only the hair has been removed while the grain retains its original state. Natural markings are left intact and present the character and appeal of unique leather.
Grain: Pattern characterized by the pores and unique to the animal concerned, visible on the outer surface of a hide after the hair has been removed.
Hand Antiquing: The application by hand of a darker color over a lighter color to create dramatic highlights.
Nubuck: A top grain, aniline-dyed leather that is buffed to create a soft nap. Especially vulnerable to stains, nubuck is often lightly finished for protection.
Patina: Surface luster that develops on aniline leathers. Fine leather, like fine sterling silver and antiques, develops a luster or shine over time and with use. Consumers who purchase aniline leathers can look forward to their furniture, even more, over the years.
Pigmented Leather: Leather that is finished with an opaque coloring. Pigment may be used to create unique colors, to cover imperfections and/or to produce hides that are durable, wear and fade resistant, and super easy to clean. Sometimes called painted leather. Pigmented leathers generally have a more consistent color throughout.
Pull-Up: The burst of lighter color that occurs when aniline leather is pulled tightly around corners and turns in the upholstering process. The oils and waxes in the leather cause the color to dissipate and become lighter in the areas, which are pulled tight, giving extra dimension and character to the piece.
Pure Aniline: A top or full-grain leather that is aniline dyed and receives no additional coloring or finish. Also called naked aniline or naked leather.
Sauvage: A mottled, two-tone antiquing effect that adds depth and character.
Semi Aniline: Also called aniline-plus or protected aniline. A leather that is aniline dyed and coated with matching pigment and or other topical finishes to even out the color and add protection.
Split: The bottom layers of the full hide that have been split off from the top grain leather, then pigmented or sueded. Generally stiffer and less durable, splits may be used on promotional leather furniture – particularly in areas of less direct use – to control costs.
Suede: Leather produced from the lower split of a hide with a velvet-like nap effect. Suede does not have the same durable characteristics as top grain leather.
Tanning: The process of converting rawhides into a non-perishable state.
Top Coat: A protective coating applied to the leather surface. May also impart luster to the surface.
Top Grain: During the tanning process, a hide may be split into layers and the top layer is referred to as the top grain. This is the most durable and flexible part of the leather hide.


At COCOCO Home we pride ourselves on being one of the fastest furniture manufacturers in the business. However, COVID-19 has had a far-reaching economic effect, including in the manufacturing world, as many industries experience material shortages and longer shipping times than prior to 2020. The furniture world has been affected as well. Some materials used in furniture have been re-allocated to produce PPE and foam is in very short supply leading to reduced allocations. As a result, at times we may experience delays on certain materials, which may affect the production estimate you were given at the time of order.
We greatly appreciate your business and ask for your patience as we continue to make heirloom-quality furniture at reasonable prices.


Our standard delivery method is a North Carolina-based “White Glove” delivery service. This level of service includes delivery into your home, installation, and removal of all packaging materials. Unless agreed to in advance, and in writing, delivery charges are not included in our pricing.


As soon as your order is complete, we will arrange to have the furniture picked up by the delivery company. This company will then get in touch with you within a few days to collect the delivery fee and let you know when to expect delivery. The time for delivery is dependent on factors such as where you live in the country, and when they next have a truck ready to roll to that area, and even the just simple luck of where your order falls in their rotation of destinations. Typical time frames range from 12-16 business days. Major east coast destinations such as Florida or New York may take less time, while it is typical for west coast deliveries to take three weeks to arrive. Locations in the middle of the country that do not get a lot of delivery traffic such as St. Louis and Kansas City may take as long as delivery to Los Angeles where there is a lot of traffic.


If speed is of paramount importance, we are able to ship furniture using overland freight services. This service allows us to get the furniture to its destination within a week for most destinations in the US or Canada. The drawback is that this service can be somewhat more expensive and will generally not allow for delivery into your home, so you will need to make arrangements to unpack the furniture and carry it inside. If this is not feasible, we can ship it to a freight terminal and you can hire a local delivery service to install the furniture in your home.


For White Glove service we use a two-ply foam envelope to protect the surface from abrasion, and then encase the furniture in a heavy-duty plastic bag. We place hard protective foam along the edges to prevent scuffing. We then place the furniture in a heavy-gauge cardboard container. If there are feet that attach by screwing into the frame, they will be packaged separately and included in the shipment. These are to be installed onto your furniture by the delivery persons.


Shipping charges are calculated by weight and then multiplied by a cost factor depending on what state you live in. Generally speaking, the further you live from North Carolina, the higher the cost of delivery.


We stand behind the materials and workmanship of our furniture without equivocation and warrant that if when delivered, it is defective in construction or workmanship in any way, we will repair or replace the defective piece at our expense. Additionally, we warrant the frame and springs against failure for as long as you own the furniture.

When the furniture is delivered it is your obligation to inspect the furniture for any material defects that could reasonably be discovered by a visual inspection. If there are material defects of such consequence that they might cause you to return the furniture, you should refuse the delivery and we will have it brought back to our location for expedited repair or replacement at our expense.

If there is a defect in a cushion or pillow cover, such issues can be handled without the necessity to refuse the entire furniture piece. If there are minor issues, such as missing nailhead trim, we can often arrange to have a local upholstery shop make the repair.

Leather being a natural product and subject to variation from hide to hide, we do not warrant the color of leather used in the manufacture of our furniture. Healed scars, marks, tick bites, brands may be present and are not considered a defect.

If there is any damage noted on the furniture at the time of delivery, it is likely to have occurred in transportation and it is your obligation to bring the damage to the attention of the driver. The delivery company will take responsibility for coordinating the repair, whether by shipping us the cushion or pillow covers, or by bringing the item back to our facility.


Returns are accepted for orders

  • in a standard size for that model that is offered on our website
  • in a standard fabric or leather and trim that is offered on our website
  • with standard cushion sizes

Unless agreed to at the time of the order, we cannot accept returns or provide refunds for the following:

  • Custom orders
  • COM (Customer Owned Material) orders, Custom leather orders, or Custom fabric orders
    • “Custom Leather or Fabric or COM” is defined as any leather or fabric which is 1) provided by the customer or 2) is a leather or fabric not shown as an option on this website at the time of order.
  • Non-standard cushion configurations:
    • We will not accept returns for orders for sectionals where the cushion sizes are not consistent across all pieces of the sectional. Ex: a sectional having 24″ cushions on one side the corner and 30″ cushions on the other will be deemed a custom configuration and is not eligible for a return or refund.
  • Furniture purchased through our Outlet page
  • Sales of floor models
    • “Sale and Clearance” purchases are final and non-returnable unless otherwise agreed to in advance and in writing.

For a full refund of the purchase price, you must notify us of your intent to return the furniture in writing within 5 days of the delivery of the furniture.

You will be responsible for the return shipping charges. Furniture must be returned in pristine condition and you will be responsible for any damage or wear to the furniture while it was in your possession. Refunds will be processed immediately upon our receipt of the returned furniture. The delivery charges are paid directly to the delivery company and we will not refund the shipping charges on refused orders.


Leather furniture requires very little care beyond dusting it occasionally with a soft, slightly damp, cloth. You should never use harsh cleaners or solvents. Over the years, if you become concerned that the leather is looking dry common skin lotions such as Lubriderm may help, however the application of any such product may change the color of the leather somewhat so you should first test it in an area that is not visible. If you feel your leather needs cleaning give us a call and we will refer you to the best product for that purpose. We offer an exceptional conditioning product from Moore & Giles, ” No. 31″, which is especially made for luxury and “pull-up” leathers. Call us at +1(704) 892-6680 to order.

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