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Finding a Pet-Friendly Leather Sofa

Are you on the hunt for pet-friendly leather sofa? So many customers ask for our recommendations of the best leathers to accommodate their pets.  There seems to be a lot of unconditional love out there for man’s best friend (and the like).  Pets are family, so family room decisions (like the perfect sofa) need to keep these loved ones in mind. At our corporate headquarters, we have a regular pet-friendly tester who jumps up on our sofas on the daily … Our very own miniature Australian Shepherd, Paisley.  She has managed to curl up on just about every single sofa in our showroom. Paisley has her favorite spots of course, with a clear view of the front door and all the activity coming in and out of our showroom studio. Paisley is proof that leather sofas can endure the love and attention of a pet.


We are, of course, big leather-lovers here.  We hear the question all the time, “Is leather durable?” Of course, it is! It is nature-made; created to endure the elements. And it is absolutely a prime choice for families with pets. You just need to weigh some things. Here are a few guidelines we share with our pet-loving clients.

Do you like character? Choose a full-aniline leather

If you can embrace a leather that evolves and shows character, then a full-aniline is a great choice for you and your pets. We’re not afraid of some dog scratches on full-aniline leather (as our showroom pet-friendly couches attest) since it naturally has self-healing properties. As your body interacts with the sofa, those marks will work themselves out and become part of the beautiful burnished finish.  You also have to be willing to embrace the evolution of leather. Say you spill a liquid (or said pet does), you’ll have to blot and allow the liquid to dissipate. There will be a color change on the leather. You just need to be patient as that discoloration evaporates and becomes part of your sofa’s patina. Great full-aniline leathers that we offer include Mont Blanc, Berkshire, Cambridge or Echo.  See these leathers. 

Will scratches drive you nuts? Choose a semi-aniline leather

If you don’t like change, then maybe a semi-aniline leather is a better choice for you.  It is still genuine leather, but with a protective finish. It will not show markings, will not change or burnish like the full-aniline will.  It is the same today, tomorrow and two months from now.  Semi-aniline protected leathers are super tough, but you still have to be cautious with large animals.  Once semi-aniline marks, it doesn’t have the same self-healing properties as the full-aniline leather does. So the mark or marks will be permanent. Semi-aniline leathers we recommend for pet owners include Williamsburg, Bronx, Larsen and a new offering called Country.  Country is interesting because it combines the tough, scratch resistant finish of a semi-aniline leather with Crypton Technology which renders the leather cleanable with products such as Clorox wipes and Fantastic Spray Cleaner.

Is Your Dog A Drooler?

Of course, a matte-finish aniline leather would not be the best choice for drool-inclined dogs. You’ll want to check out leather with more of a waxy, glossy finish which provides some protection. One of our clients came back into our showroom recently and shared a story of their pup on their stunning pair of red leather Lillingtons. They had selected a full-aniline leather with a bit of a waxy finish, Echo “Flame” leather from Moore & Giles.  They confirmed that the leather has been an excellent pet-friendly choice for their sofa, which successfully survived a bout with their pup on antibiotics. They even shared the proof… Echo and Mont Blanc are both fantastic glossy full-aniline leathers we would recommend for families with drool-inclined animals.

Still Not Sure?

If you have further questions or would like to see some leather (or fabric) swatches for yourself, give us a call at our corporate showroom in NC. 704-892-6680 We will be happy to help you make the right choice for you, your family and your pet.

We also love when our customers and their pets make themselves at home on our comfortable & durable leather sofas and chairs. Be sure to tag us on your Instagram feeds too so we can see your privileged pets lovin’ up on their COCOCO pet-friendly couches, chairs and ottomans. Tag us @the_cococo

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