Leathers should be seen as being on a continuum in terms of how they will “wear in”, or indeed, “wear out”. To learn more about our offerings…

Featured Leathers

Together with our friends at Moore & Giles, we offer a selection of leathers featuring timeless classics as well as the latest and most innovative upholstery leathers.

This page will highlight just some of those leather offerings.

Brenta Line e1615927097765

Brenta Leather

Fast Facts: Aniline -Waxy Pull Up Origin: Italy Hides: German Size: 50-60 Sq. Ft. Thickness: 1.2-1.4MM Brenta is a natural leather elevated to a level that is nothing like anything we have seen. It is currently only available in a gorgeous “Walnut” color, but we expect more colors to emerge …

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Madrid hides

Madrid Leather

Fast Facts: Aniline Plus – Olive Tanned Pull Up Origin: Spain Hides: Pamplona Bull Size: 45-55 Sq. Ft. 1.2-1.4MM- Full Grain Madrid-Sustainable Olive Tanned Leather Crafted in Spain in a palette of rich, saturated colors, Madrid is a wet-green® tanned leather with a natural aesthetic that shows off all of …

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Ellis hides

Ellis Leather

Fast Facts: Aniline Origin: Italy Hides: German Size: 50-60 Sq. Ft. 1.2-1.4MM- Full Grain Why Ellis? Ellis is an offering from Moore & Giles and the Adelaide Tannery in Bassano del Grappa Italy about which we could not be more excited.  The moment we saw (and touched!) the first hides, …

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20200421 Heirloom Oak 8768 Web 1

Heirloom Leather

Fast Facts: Aniline Origin: Italy Hides: English Bull Size: 45-55 Sq. Ft. 1.2-1.4MM- Full Grain Heirloom is the true story of sustainability. In an effort to reduce waste and prove that every hide has value – not just the “perfect” ones, Moore & Giles has designed this leather to celebrate …

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cambridge close up

Cambridge Leather

Fast Facts: Polished, Pull-up Origin: India Hides: Water Buffalo Size: 45-55 Sq. Ft. Thickness: 1.4-1.6MM Cambridge is made on full grain buffalo hides and features a striking pull up effect that subdues the sheen on the hide and replaces it with, a lighter, worn matte effect where the leather is …

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berkshire way

Brentwood Leather

Fast Facts: Aniline Plus-Waxy Pull Up Origin: Italy Hides: European Size: 45-55 Sq. Ft. Thickness: 1.4-1.6 MM Designed in Italy on European hides averaging 50 feet, Brentwood is a full-bodied leather with a soft wax finish that exudes simple yet sophisticated elegance. Brentwood leather will remind some of their favorite …

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Wall 1

Mont Blanc Leather

Fast Facts: Aniline Plus-Waxy Pull Up Origin: Italy Hides: European Size: 45-55 Sq. Ft. Thickness: 1.1-1.3MM Mont Blanc is a supple, waxy pull-up leather from Moore & Giles, created by a fifth-generation family run tannery in Bassano del Grappa at the base of the Italian Alps. Mont Blanc, made on …

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Leather Alternatives

At COCOCO we strive to provide the best in material offerings. For those who love the look and feel of leather, but prefer an alternative to hide leather, we’ve compiled a selection of beautiful alternatives.

Ultrusuede Swatches

Ultrasuede®: Hello Performance, Meet Beauty.

Fast Facts: Ultrasuede® fabric features ultra-microfiber made with recycled polyester and plant-based polyester. A soft, plush, suede hand. Soothing to the touch in any climate. Excellent colorfastness. Resists sagging, crocking, pilling, and shrinking. Highly abrasion-resistant—exceeds 200,000 Wyzenbeek double-rubs. Spot-cleans and is easily washable. Unsurpassed range of today’s most sought-after colors. …

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Belmont Fabric Sofa 114 x 38 Gold Flecked Cork by COCOCO Home


Fast Facts: Made from Natural Cork Origin: Portugal Durability: 100,000+ Scratch and Water Resistant Planet Friendly and Vegan Why Cork? Cork lies somewhere between leather and fabric.  This innovative product checks a lot of boxes.  It is beautiful, supple, durable, cleanable, vegan and planet friendly. It can be spectacular on …

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Choosing the Right Leather

On one end are natural grain leathers called pure “aniline” leathers, which simply means they are dyed in the drum at the tannery,  Those will be on the most beautiful hides, but will have very little protection in the form of added waxes.  In the middle are leathers that are aniline dyed leathers, but which have some protection added in the form of waxes and oils in the finish or treatment that makes them more cleanable.  We will call those “Aniline Plus” leathers.  And finally at the other end you have Protected “semi-aniline” leathers which offer a higher degree of protection , but may sacrifice authenticity and the opportunity for the leather to develop an attractive patina over time.

Natural Grain Leathers​

Sometimes called “Full Grain” or “Top Grain”, natural leathers are those where the top layer of the dermis of the hide is left intact, dyed for color, and treated primarily with waxes and oils to create the feel and style desired.  Pure Aniline and Aniline Plus leathers are natural grain leathers.  These leathers are often made from the best quality hides as they will display character including blemishes, scars, fat lines, that reflect the life the animal led.  These leathers will also display the greatest amount of clarity and natural beauty of the hide.  They will, to varying degrees, evolve in the home  reflecting their use.  Natural grain leathers will mark and burnish with  use,  They may fade,  They may mark,. But the overall effect will be that they will develop their own patina that is unique and appealing.

Natural grain leathers are forgiving.  Small marks can often be rubbed out with the pressure and heat from your hand.  The application of conditioner and some heat may rejuvenate and restore the leather.  We also ship furniture made with these leathers with a special polishing cloth that is sometimes highly effective at removing marks and even scuffs from the leather.

Protected Leathers​

Protected leathers , often referred to as semi-aniline leathers are, as the name would indicate, leathers that have been treated to “protect” the leather from  marking,, or staining, or perhaps to make the leather more easily cleaned.  This protection is achieved by the application of a coating on the top surface of the leather and the technology for this has advanced dramatically in recent years such that, in many cases, the leather presents as a natural looking leather that is seriously resistant to scratching.  Many of these are made in the same tanneries in Italy as the finest natural leathers.  Because there is a surface coating, these leathers are often made on South American hides which can also make these leathers an affordable option.

There are, of course, trade-offs to This sort approach.  First and foremost, the other side of the coin to the fact that it will not mark, is that it will not patina.  It will never look better or more interesting than the day it is delivered.  Another consideration is that, eventually, the protective coating may start to wear and with it some of the pigment leaving the surface looking worn.

Making the choice​

The ultimate decision will need to factor in cost and aesthetics. Some leathers are more expensive than others and some leathers will simply appeal to you more than others.  Design will be a factor as you take into account the other pieces you may have in the room.  The nature of the household may be a factor if there are kids or pets involved.  Ultimately, some introspection will be helpful.  Are you someone who can embrace the blemishes present on a natural hide and enjoy the process of seeing the leather on your furniture patina?  Of will that simply drive you crazy and you would prefer a leather that will not mark and patina?

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