Virtual Tours

Take control of your virtual experience with our newest addition, “Chester” the COCOCO robot. If you schedule during business hours, one of our designers can assist you. If you choose an appointment after hours you can explore our showroom at your own pace, in the driver’s seat.

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Robot Instructions



Use ‘R’ to look up and ‘F’ to look down

Use your arrow keys to move the robot forward, backward, left and right



Click on “Motion Map”

Desktop Interface Buttons

Move your mouse up and down to control the neck.

(Press “Esc” on your keyboard to exit Motion Map.)

Adjust your speed with the slider

Desktop Interface Speed Range

Mobile/ Tablet

Use the arrow buttons to navigate

Mobile Control Buttons

Click on settings to:

Wrapping up the session

Navigate back to your starting point in the showroom.

Click on “Autodock” and then the red hangup button.

Desktop Interface Autodock
Hang up button

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