Roger + Chris will no longer be carrying COCOCO Home products

Roger + Chris will no longer be carrying
COCOCO Home products


Up until Early 2017, Roger + Chris acted as an online retailer of our products.  Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are COCOCO Home.  We manufacture 100% American made upholstery products at our plant in Claremont, North Carolina. 

For more than five years we  worked with Roger Hazard and Chris Stout-Hazard to market our made-to-order upholstered furniture.  Unfortunately that relationship has come to an end.  Roger and Chris furniture have always been the only company we have allowed to sell our furniture. When they came to us with the idea, we were still a very small company and we were intrigued at the prospect of working with them, and indeed we learned a lot from them. 

They called our Classic Chesterfield Sofa a Roger & Chris Higgins Sofa and were successful in getting Roger & Chris furniture into Apartment Therapy, which brought a lot of attention.  I know many people asked “who makes Roger & Chris furniture?” and I know they were proud to say it was an American company like COCOCO Home.  Chris is a talented visual artist and they showed us through their use of images, especially of the Roger and Chris Chesterfield styles, how beautiful images were so important to selling all Roger & Chris Furniture styles, and we took that to heart. 

In the end, they wanted more independence than we could provide and the relationship came to an end sooner than any of us hoped.  We wish them only the best, but you can’t buy our quality, North Carolina-made furniture from them anymore so we hope you will consider buying it directly from us. To help you get started, below is a list of their styles and the corresponding names for our site.


To get you started,
here’s our secret decoder ring!

To get you started,
here’s our secret decoder ring!


Alfie = Eastover
Ashley = Monroe*
Atticus = Arden
Basel = English Arm Tight Back
Blythe = English Arm Pillowback
Bobby = Boone
Boris = Brighton Ottoman
Bunny = Dilworth*
Carla = Raleigh*
Chad = Apex*
Cole = Monroe
Dagmar = Chesterfield Ottoman*
Didi = Dilworth
Eliza = Soho*
Eugene = Winston
Gloria = Aspen*
Gracie = Slope Arm*
Harley = Clark

Higgins = Classic Chesterfield
Howdy = Metro
Hudson = Weddington
Johnny = Mondo
Lincoln = Slope Arm Tufted
Lou = Lexington
Lucille = English Chesterfield
Morgan = Kinston Bed
Natalie = Madison
Oliver = Oxford Swivel Chair
Palmer = Brevard
Pegeen = Lenoir Chair
Prescott = Davidson
Rooster = Mondo Ottoman
Talula = Dana*
Turner = Turned Ball Chair*
Vera = Raleigh
Watson = Lillington

*Styles with specific modifications

Published February 01, 2018 By Robin Sudkamp

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