Landis Leather Sofa

Our Landis combines modern, tailored lines with a cozy feel. Chose from multiple length and depth options. The standard configuration is a single bench seat with pillow backs, but this can be altered to your liking. Complete the look with one of our high-quality, durable leathers.

Check out our amazing selection of leathers in a variety of colors and styles. Receive swatches to review from the comfort of your home.

Choosing the Right Leather

Leathers should be seen as being on a continuum in terms of how they will “wear in”, or indeed, “wear out”. On one end are natural grain leathers called pure “aniline” leathers, which simply means they are dyed in the drum at the tannery,  Those will be on the most beautiful hides, but will have very little protection in the form of added waxes.  In the middle are leathers that are aniline dyed leathers, but which have some protection added in the form of waxes and oils in the finish or treatment that makes them more cleanable.  We will call those “Aniline Plus” leathers.  And finally at the other end you have Protected “semi-aniline” leathers which offer a higher degree of protection , but may sacrifice authenticity and the opportunity for the leather to develop an attractive patina over time.

Natural Grain Leathers

Sometimes called “Full Grain” or “Top Grain”, natural leathers are those where the top layer of the dermis of the hide is left intact, dyed for color, and treated primarily with waxes and oils to create the feel and style desired.  Pure Aniline and Aniline Plus leathers are natural grain leathers.  These leathers are often made from the best quality hides as they will display character including blemishes, scars, fat lines, that reflect the life the animal led.  These leathers will also display the greatest amount of clarity and natural beauty of the hide.  They will, to varying degrees, evolve in the home  reflecting their use.  Natural grain leathers will mark and burnish with  use,  They may fade,  They may mark,. But the overall effect will be that they will develop their own patina that is unique and appealing.  

Natural grain leathers are forgiving.  Small marks can often be rubbed out with the pressure and heat from your hand.  The application of conditioner and some heat may rejuvenate and restore the leather.  We also ship furniture made with these leathers with a special polishing cloth that is sometimes highly effective at removing marks and even scuffs from the leather. 


Protected Leathers

Protected leathers , often referred to as semi-aniline leathers are, as the name would indicate, leathers that have been treated to “protect” the leather from  marking,, or staining, or perhaps to make the leather more easily cleaned.  This protection is achieved by the application of a coating on the top surface of the leather and the technology for this has advanced dramatically in recent years such that, in many cases, the leather presents as a natural looking leather that is seriously resistant to scratching.  Many of these are made in the same tanneries in Italy as the finest natural leathers.  Because there is a surface coating, these leathers are often made on South American hides which can also make these leathers an affordable option.

There are, of course, trade-offs to This sort approach.  First and foremost, the other side of the coin to the fact that it will not mark, is that it will not patina.  It will never look better or more interesting than the day it is delivered.  Another consideration is that, eventually, the protective coating may start to wear and with it some of the pigment leaving the surface looking worn.

Making the choice

The ultimate decision will need to factor in cost and aesthetics. Some leathers are more expensive than others and some leathers will simply appeal to you more than others.  Design will be a factor as you take into account the other pieces you may have in the room.  The nature of the household may be a factor if there are kids or pets involved.  Ultimately, some introspection will be helpful.  Are you someone who can embrace the blemishes present on a natural hide and enjoy the process of seeing the leather on your furniture patina?  Of will that simply drive you crazy and you would prefer a leather that will not mark and patina?

Below are some of our favorite families of leather from the full range of leather possibilites.

Featured Leathers


Ellis is a brand new leather from Moore & Giles.  It is a pure aniline made on superior quality German hides in the Finco Tannery in Italy. It features a stunningly pleasing hand and a beautiful pull up effect.  It is simply one of the best leathers we have ever seen.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is an iconic Aniline Plus, also from the Finco Tannery.  We have used it many times in commercial applications, so don’t let its soft suppleness lead you to think it is not a durable option suitable for high traffic use.


Brentwood is a tough heavyweight leather.  Frye Boots uses this leather for their shoes and boots.  It can handle your kids.  It is a waxy pull-up leather that will mark and patina in your home and develop all kinds of wonderful character.


Eastwood is rustic luxury.  It is made on South American hides that show the scars and flaws inherent in the life of the animal and then finished with a dramatic and rich waxed finish,  Plenty of drama!


Bristol is a delightfully supple leather with a rich pull-up effect.  Think Brompton but buttery soft.  The waxy finish gives this Aniline Plus protection.

Leathers should be seen as being on a continuum in terms of how they will “wear in”, or indeed, “wear out”. 


If you’d like to discuss details of this product, or explore options with one of our designers, we’d be happy to talk to you online or in person.

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In order to provide our customers with the best possible experience and keep everyone safe, we are encouraging appointments in our showrooms. Depending on your location we have a few appointment types to choose from.

In Store Consultation:

If you live near Charlotte, Atlanta, or Nashville you can set up an in-person appointment with one of our designers.

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Join one of our designers for a remote consultation by video. Experience our show room from the comfort of your home.

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Additional Customizations

Additional customizations deserve extra care, that’s why we ask you call or email us to ensure every detail is perfect.

Leg Styles

We offer different legs for each style but many additional options are available. 

Tapered Legs

Metal Legs

Turned Wood Legs

Block and Bun Feet


Configurations & Dimensions

We offer many different dimension options but we also realize that some spaces need special sizing. Here are some of the customizations we can provide.


Belmont Custom Armless Curved Fabric Sofa Cannes Lapis


Traditional Chesterfield Brooklyn Profile 2pc Leather Sofa 121 x 21 Florence Caramel

U Shaped Seating

Monroe Square U Leather Sectional 119.5 x 191 x 119.5 Harness Charcoal Grey

Armless Corners

Monroe Leather Sofa with Armless Corners 146 x 46 Berkshire Bourbon

Sectional Pieces

Mondo Two Piece Leather Sofa in Biltmore Fossil


Madison Square Corner Armless Fabric Sectional 121 x 121 x 40 Southpaw White

Corner Sectional with Chaise

Classic Chesterfield Brooklyn Profile Square L Leather Sectional with Chaise 64 x 164.5 x 87.5 x 42 Mont Blanc Opal

Corner Sectional with Bumper

Apex Square L Leather Sectional with Bumper 139 x 130.5 x 44 Echo Fawn

Customer Owned Materials

Have you found the perfect upholstery fabric? We are happy to build your furniture with the material of your choice at no extra cost.

Eastover Fabric Sofa 96 x 42 COM Rabarger Green Black by COCOCO Home
English Chesterfield Leather Loveseat 66 COL Gold by COCOCO Home

Custom Nailheads

With many colors and two sizes to choose from, a custom nailhead pattern can add a personalized touch.

Slope Arm Fabric Swivel Chair Bae Flax by COCOCO Home
Monroe Leather Sofa 99 Deer Run Arctic by COCOCO Home


If you love a piece of our furniture, but prefer to add or remove tufting, we can accommodate that easily in most cases.

Raleigh Sofa with Channel Tufting Added

Raleigh Channel Tufted Fabric Sofa 81 COM Swavelle Etzel Bark by COCOCO Home

Arden Sectional with Tufting Removed

Arden Untufted Single Chaise Leather Sectional 100 x 38 x 64 Eastwood Honey by COCOCO Home

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