Mont Blanc Leather

Fast Facts:

  • Aniline Plus-Waxy Pull Up
  • Origin: Italy
  • Hides: English Bull
  • Size: 45-55 Sq. Ft.
  • Thickness: 1.1-1.3MM

Mont Blanc leather is a supple, waxy pull-up aniline hide from Moore & Giles, created by a fifth-generation family-run tannery in Bassano del Grappa at the base of the Italian Alps. Mont Blanc is made on high-quality Northern European hides, and is an aniline leather known for an incredibly diverse colorway (50+ colors to choose from!) and remarkable clarity in its finish. You’ll see all the goodies that cheap leather would cover up.

Mont Blanc remains one of our most popular leathers, and for good reason. Mont Blanc will develop an enviable patina over time and the aniline-dyed waxy finish reveals the natural character of the leather. In aniline leather such as Mont Blanc, expect significant color variation in the same dye batch, and even within a hide, for a stunning effect. The clear finish will reveal the character of the underlying animal, including fat lines, healed scars, barbed wire marks, and bug bites. Each hide has a life of its own and it’s on display in Mont Blanc leather.

Customers often mistake Mont Blanc’s soft hand for a lack of durability but that is not the case at all. Mont Blanc leather is still made from cowhide, so it is inherently durable and will provide many, many years of comfort and beauty. Mont Blanc will burnish and mark with use. A dog’s nails and even a fingernail can leave a mark in the top layer of the wax. These marks are not scratches as they are only in the finish and can generally be rubbed out with the warmth of your finger or heat from a hairdryer on a hot setting. Sitting regularly on your Mont Blanc leather piece will do most of that buffing for you.

We have used Mont Blanc aniline leather in both residential and commercial settings with great results, including in high-energy nightclubs and busy households with kids and pets. In fact, if you have a pet or small children this is a great option for you, as Mont Blanc is easy to clean.

Because Mont Blanc aniline leather is very supple with a soft, waxy hand, it is an outstanding selection for tufted pieces. Our upholsterers love working with Mont Blanc as it allows them to create a crisp, clean tuft pattern. On any frame, Mont Blanc will be classic, soft, and comfortable.

Examples of Mont Blanc Leather

Published January 13, 2018 By Steve Sechrest

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