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Chesterfield Couches


We think our Chesterfield styled furniture is the most comfortable on the market and the best value as well.  We use a professionally engineered frame and an elite level spring system topped with high density down wrapped seats and it is made right here in North Carolina.  Our tufters have decades of experience and produce fabulous results.  Whether in fabric or leather your Chesterfield will add sophistication and elegance to your home.

Our Chesterfields are 30.5″ in height and are available in 38″, 42″ and 46″ overall depths.  The standard seat height is 18.5″.  The 38″ will have a 21″ seat cushion, the 42″ a 25″ seat and the 46″a luxurious 29″ seat depth. Schedule of sizes and prices is available at the bottom of this page.

Examples of leather Chesterfields:




Examples of fabric Chesterfields


Brooklyn Profile: For those with tight spaces, our innovative ”Brooklyn Profile” Chesterfield  eliminates the roll on the back giving you the comfortable 25″ seat depth of the 42″ model in a 38″ overall depth or the 21″ seat depth in a 34″ overall depth.

 Wide Tuft Pattern:  Our standard Tufting pattern is 5.5″ on center between buttons.  We offer a wider 11″ tufting pattern on certain lengths including 64″, 75″ 86″ 96″ 107″ and 118″.

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Tufted Seat:  We offer a tight, tufted seat as an option  on any sized Chesterfield.  There is an upcharge for this option.

Seat Cushions: Many of our larger Chesterfields can be done with two seat cushions or three.  All sizes may be done with a single bench seat.  In fabric it is easy.  In leather you may have to have a seam or two or you can opt for our innovative “diamond Cut” pattern.  You may choose our standard down wrapped seat cushion or upgrade to a “springdown” cushion.

Sleeper:  We make a Full sleeper at 85″ x 42″ and a Queen at 96″ x 42″


 Armless:  Chesterfield pieces without arms  can be practical and dramatic

Nails:  Leather Chesterfields come standard with nail trim, Fabric Chesterfields without.  We can make yours either way.  Nails come several colors.  We will quote  alternative nail patterns.

Legs: Select the legs you prefer from a beautiful turned leg, a simple tapered leg or legs with casters.


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